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Evaltech Launches New face

Held Between

09 Jul 2013 To 31 Jul 2014

TDWI Orlando

Held Between

07 Dec 2014 To 12 Dec 2014

Launching Mobile App in 2015

Held Between

14 Feb 2015 To 28 Feb 2015

Digital Disruption: eBay - How Big Data is Transforming Digital Marketing

Held Between

18 Nov 2014 To 31 Dec 2014

Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure with Hadoop - Gartner

Held Between

18 Nov 2014 To 31 Dec 2014

TDWI Speaker: Dave Stodder, TDWI Research Director

Held Between

11 Nov 2014 To 28 Feb 2015

Reference Data Vs. Master Data

Held Between

17 Oct 2013 To 30 Nov 2013
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White Paper


Cloud Based BI Architecture While the cloud technology aff
Data Integration Architecture Components of Data Integration
Data Warehouse Architecture (Do's & Dont's) A data Warehouse is an archite
Data Warehouse Framework 2.0 The data warehouse framework c
Multi-tier Data Warehouse Architecture This session proposes a practi
Top 10 Questions to ask BI Vendor This article will get you star
Tips for BI Success Failure rates for Business Int
Selection Criteria for Query Tools The new high-end query tool sh
Evaluating Decision Support Systems This paper focuses on the proc
Introduction to Business Objects This white paper describes the
Report on Cognos Platform for BI This article contains the info
Turning Oracle Financial data to BI This white paper includes the
A Meta Data Model This article gives the details
Conceptual Modeling for ETL Processes Due to the complexity and the
Dimension Modeling Describe the various ways you
A DataWarehouse Conceptual Data Model This paper presents a proposal
A Data Warehouse Modeling Technique This article provides a summar
Modeling of Data Warehouse This article includes the type
Modeling Multi-Dimensional Data Warehouse The Purpose of Multidimensiona
Reverse engineering using Oracle Designer This article includes introduc
3NF to Star Schema This paper examines the transl
Uniform Model for Meta data management This article explains the use
Data Mining for Profits Leveraging data mining for pro
Data Mining Methods This paper shows that boosting
Evaluating Data Mining Tools A Framework for understanding
Fundamentals of Data Mining This paper presents the basic
Magical Thinking in Data Mining This paper explains some gener
Data warehouse Advance Tuning These practices are put in pla
ETL provides the keys to keeping data relevant The goal of virtually every ET
Active changes notification This article includes followin
Barriers to Data Quality-Part 1 This paper gives the informati
Barriers to Data Quality-Part 2 This article consist about the
Advantages by using Oracle Web Server This white paper describes the
Bulk loading the large datasets This white paper describes the
Comparison between Sql server 2000 and Sybase ASE 12.5 This article contain the compa
Datawarehousing Technology. Data Warehousing is not a new
Data Quality The growth of Data Warehousing
Data Quality Management The difficulties associated wi
Data Stewardship Framework Data stewardship has as its ma
Data Warehouse Application Development Standards Walkthroughs are to be an inte
DW Basic - Decision Support, Data Warehousing, and OLAP A decision support database th
Data Warehouse Configuration The Data warehouse approach is
Data warehousing with DB2 IBM is a leader in Business In
Ensuring Data Quality through Data Stewardship Data Stewards are primarily co
Evaluating Database Market This article provides a summar
How To Do a Data Warehouse Assessment (And Why) The results of such an assessm
How to Test Data warehouse The purpose of this paper is t
Importance of Testing DW The purpose of this paper is t
Interview Questions on DW/BI. This article has the list of i
An Introduction to Data Warehousing A process of transforming data
Job Scheduler for data warehouse project Job scheduling solution would
Review of DWQ project Data Warehouse Quality (DWQ) i
The Transbase Hypercube RDBMS: Multidimensional Indexing of Relational Tables Our demonstration shows TransB
Need of METRICS in Data warehouse project Metrics allows us to understan
Oracle 9i Warehouse Builder The Oracle9i Warehouse Builder
Performance Issues in Incremental Warehouse Maintenance In this paper, we identify sev
Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning for a Large Scale Oracle OLTP UNIX System This paper describes the autho
A Principled Approach to Data Integration And Reconciliation in Data Warehousing In most of the data warehouse
Processing Star Queries on Hierarchically- Clustered Fact Tables Star queries are the most prev
Criteria For OLAP Tool In this article we have gone t
Choosing the Right OLAP Technogy Choosing the right architectur
Criteria for OLAP Evaluation To carry out a quantitative co
Evaluation Criteria for OLAP This article provides a summar
OLAP and Data Warehousing A Well designed dimensional mo
When to consider OLAP? Do you need an OLAP technology
ETL Tool FAQ This white paper includes ETL
Introduction to Data Integration Tools Baisc Concepts behind the main
Criteria and Matrix used for evaluating ETL tools This article contains the feat
Evaluating Data Migration Tools This article provides a summar
Detail Benchmark report on Sagent This benchmark outlines the de
ETL Approach to Clean Data Data cleaning is especially re
Introduction to ETL Architechture This whitepaper includes intro
Selecting an ETL Product for a Clickstream Data Warehouse This Paper provides a set of g
Four Levels of Data Integration This article discusses the cos
High performance ETL Benchmark This White Paper talks about I
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