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Membership FAQ

If you don't find an answer to your question here please e-mail ERG Customer Service at: erg@evaltech.com. All inquiries will be answered as soon as possible.

1. What is my current membership status?

A:It's easy to find out your current membership status with the MY MEMBER section of the website. Simply log in and click the Membership button and then click on the My Member information button. This page will contain all the details and settings for your membership, including various statuses.
2. Who are ERG members?

A: ERG members design, develop, test, evaluate, and maintain data warehouses which include: ETL, Business Intelligences, Data Modeling, Dimensional Modeling, Olap tools, Data Mining, Schedulers, Web Services, and portals (related to DDS). Essentially, ERG members are IT Professionals from almost every industry. Many of our members are leaders in their fields who serve as a key resource in the data warehousing community.
3. Who is ERG and what does it do?

A: Evaltech Research Group (ERG) consists of many independent researchers across the globe. We are a neutral group of evaluators who have no biases toward any specific vendors. This enables us to provide our users with leading insight in Data warehousing. Evaltech,Inc. coordinates with independent researchers and assigns them to evaluate various data warehousing packages. ERG then consolidates all the results and complies them in easy-to-read reports. We strive to complete evaluation in a timely manner; however, each product has its own evaluation criteria and can take about 45-60 days to depending on a variety of factors. For an estimated evaluation timeline please contact the ERG team at (erg@evaltech.com).
4. Can companies become a member of ERG.

A: No. In order to remain as a neutral entity the ERG maintains itself as an independent organization of members. Corporate memberships are not available in order to ensure users are not falsely marketed and directed to certain products. We value our exclusivity and believe it is essential part in providing our clients with an unbiased knowledgebase and resource information which is critical for their projects success.
5. Do I qualify for membership/affiliation?

A: Yes, if you are involved in the data warehouse project of a member. We verify that new-users or contractors are not representatives of vendors. (Not sure if this is the case but it will help show that ERG is neutral/unbiased)
6. If I join today when will my membership expire?

A: Your membership will expire 12 months from the time you are elected into membership.
7. How much does it cost to join ERG?

A: The membership fee for the first year is $75.00.
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