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Why Join ERG ?

Today's evaluation market requires an extensive sector leading knowledge in technological products. A user's ability to choose the right tool for projects largely translates to their overall success. Whether you are a Developer, Consultant, Manager, Director, or CIO, it will be beneficial to ask yourself- "Do I have the time to read through large sums of technical documentation which may or may not be available provided by vendors? Do I want to waste time determining the credibility of vendor claims and the effectiveness of their products?" Probably not! If you answered YES to the above questions--chances are, you'd end up in a tool selection process that will cost you time and money which may reduce the funds within your project's budget. Simply put, there is just way too much information for an average user to wade through. An honest, clear, and seasoned insight is hard to come by. That is why we ask you to trust the Evaltech team and their extensive expertise to help you accomplish your goals.


ERG is the best choice!

ERG is the ticket to help you evaluate the right tools for your projects. We are able to provide: insight in all forms of IT projects; an up-to-date database of vendors; contact information for each of the vendors listed; a rating of vendor positions in the market; a comparative analysis of products and their market demand; and an expert analysis of each products strengths and weaknesses. An ERG membership will help you operate at peak performance and make lasting contributions to your association's growth. In short, we help you perform at your best. Additionally, the knowledge and skills you will acquire using our products and being a member, will prepare you for greater challenges which usually translates into greater rewards.



  • Strengthen your knowledge and enjoy online discussions on various product types and technology. The Knowledge Networks repository will help you make better decisions on selecting vendors as well as products.
  • Get solutions to problems through ERG's forums and 'Ask Expert Zone', you can get solutions to your problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Network, exchange ideas, and get answers from your peersthrough handy e-mail discussion groups which make exchanging ideas with other members who share your interests very easy.
  • Be a part of a collective force  through strategic relationships with other members and accessing their selection ratings.
  • Obtain a 20% Discount on selective/all Evaltech products
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